About Me


Hello! Thank you for stopping by my website!

Here is a little bit about me. 

I have loved animals all my life. When I was a little girl I hand-milked our Jersey cow with my siblings, fed chickens, collected eggs, mucked out barns and gardened. 

Today, I try to stay small and efficient with what I grow and raise, even though I would LOVE to have lots of animals. 

I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I try my best to follow what the Bible says without becoming a legalist where it is all law and no love.



"We have been getting eggs and fryer chickens from Abigail for quite some time and have always received great service. The eggs are always clean and very fresh and the fryers were between six and eight lbs, cleaned, ready to use. The meat is very tender and flavorful. They deliver to Council Bluffs about once a week making it easy to get our order easily. If you like fresh farm raised eggs, etc, we highly recommend the Red Barn Clutch." -Debbie


"The eggs from Red Barn Clutch are fantastic! Even the “small” ones are the “large” size you’d find at the grocery store! It’s so wonderful to feed my son eggs that have bright yellow yolks that prove the chicken had sunshine and good food and space to roam. Thanks, Abigail!"

"I would like to tell everyone on this website what a great experience I've had with these people. They are professional in every way. The quality of their products from eggs, pies, and fresh meat is unbelievable. They always go the extra mile for their customers. I am so glad and blessed to have met them. You will not be disappointed. Quality at its finest! Thank you so much!" -Paula

Photo by Virginia