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Short Corgi Tales


My cousin Brieanna breeds beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgis. She does an amazing job with them! They are very well taken care of and are the sweetest doggies!

About The Corgis and Me


Hey there, my name is Brieanna. 

I’ve always loved dogs. They’re the love of my life.

I adore Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Their exuberant personality and happy-go-lucky outlook on life are two of their most winning traits.

Sporting long bodies, short stocky legs, a regal poise, a stump for a tail, and their signature fluffy bottoms, Corgis rule the dog world with their playful family-friendly temperament.

Being greeted by a Corgi is an experience everyone needs to see. They sidle up to you, whole body wiggling in delight, a classic Corgi “smile” on their face. You won’t doubt their love for you. Ever.

There’s nothing quite like a Corgi’s buoyant charm.

You’ll never regret adding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi to your family. 

Please check the Puppies page to see available puppies.


You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube 

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Red and White

DM, VWD1 and EIC Clear

DOB: August 15, 2017

AKC Registered


Kiaya is my sweet little girl. She’s quiet but stubborn – with an obedient personality and a mind of her own. She’s extremely loyal and is an excellent mother. A rowdy romp with her family isn’t Kiaya’s favorite pastime. Her happy place is chilling by Brieanna’s side. 




Sable and White


DOB: June 21, 2018

AKC Registered


Kaiser is a loving guy with an endless supply of energy. He loves Brieanna with everything in his loyal nature. His favorite activity is going for a run with his girls and his owner. We love his adorable raccoon face and stocky body.

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