Caramel Popcorn

I’m thrilled to announce my new business venture! 


Drum roll please… 


Caramel Popcorn!


Yes, our family-favorite is now available for me to share with YOU, my dear friend.


Soft, but crunchy, my caramel popcorn literally melts in your mouth. With just the right amount of toasty caramel flavor, a hint of vanilla, and a bit of saltiness to cancel out the oh-so-sweet sugar – you’re in for an unforgettable treat!


With the cool temperatures of fall come cozy evenings at home with your loved ones. Evenings of pleasant chatter or a board game. Sink into the couch, snuggled under a warm, fuzzy blanket for a comfy movie night. Caramel popcorn is the perfect addition to your family time – the yin to your evening’s yang. 


The Christmas season is fast approaching. Have you found a gift for that hard-to-find-gifts-for uncle? Spice things up this season with a festive bag of caramel popcorn. Your uncle will declare you his favorite this year!


Whether you give it away as a gift or keep it stashed in your room for a late night snack (we won’t tell!), caramel popcorn is the ultimate complement for any occasion.