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My animals are raised and processed with dignity and respect. They are given high quality feed, fresh pasture space, and lots of yummy bugs.

If you would like more information on what they are fed, their housing situation, etc. please contact me and I'd be happy to address any questions.

You can watch them grow on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

After butchering, they will be bagged and cold (but not frozen).

All prices include butcher fees.

How to purchase a turkey or chicken:

Fill out the order form for your bird of choice, turkey or chicken. 

I require small none-refundable deposit to reserve a turkey or chicken with the remaining amount due upon pickup.

I accept cash, checks, PayPal and Venmo.

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Meat Chickens

Reserve your chickens for June 19th, July 25th,

or October 2nd 2024!

They are raised in chicken tractors which are moved daily through a big pasture with lots of bugs and grass.

I also give them freshly mix feed, from a local feed store.

I will have 100 chickens available* in each month, June, July, and October. Making a grand total of 300 birds available*.

They will be around 4-8# pounds when processed.

If you are interested in reserving one (or more!), please fill out the meat chicken order form, by clicking on the button below.

June 16 available

July 10 available

October 19 available

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Reserve your fresh, never frozen turkey for

Thanksgiving week, November 2024!

They are raised in a big pasture with lots of bugs and grass to gobble up. I also give them freshly mix feed, from a local feed store. 

At night they are penned up, for their protection, but otherwise they are given full run of the pasture.

Please be aware that I cannot provide an exact size of turkey. They are animals and some are bigger while some are smaller than others.

Once processed they will be ready to go in your oven or freezer.

If you are interested in reserving a turkey please fill out the 

turkey order form, by clicking the "turkey order form" button, below.

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