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About My Hens

I have Amberlink, California White, Black Sexlink, Golden Sexlink, and Buff Rock hens.

Their ages range from five months to 8 months old.

They are fed layer feed from a local feed store. During the spring, summer, and fall they are given grass and garden extras.

I keep them in a chicken coop with an outside run attached to it. 

The eggs are collected, washed with hot water and soap, air dried, checked for cracks, put in egg cartons, and finally put in the refrigerator.

If an egg comes to you cracked, broken, or bad please don't hesitate to contact me.

I can deliver to your home for $.60 per mile.

If you are flexible on date and time I can meet you at this Aldi: 3135 Manawa Centre Dr. Council Bluffs, IA 51501 in the North West corner of the parking lot for NO trip charge as we are in Omaha about once a week, not always on the same day or at the same time (hence why you must be flexible on date and time).


Mixed means that there will be brown, white, or green in the carton.

$3.50 a dozen



White means that there will be only white eggs in the carton.

$3.50 a dozen



Brown means that there will be only brown eggs in the carton.

$4.00 a dozen


Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs will include brown, green, or white eggs.

The eggs will be carefully cleaning with a chick-safe solution.

$8.00 a dozen


Out of Stock

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